Target Industry Prospects has managed numerous Trade Missions for many economic development & related organizations in various key metropolitan areas throughout the United States. We can target one specific industry or combine multiple industries into one trade mission.

We pre-qualify and arrange meetings for those who are interested and meet the criterion of a qualified meeting. A qualified meeting is a company considering expansion or relocation within the next two years, willing to consider your region, and willing to speak with you.

We send calendar invites to all parties involved. The calendar invite will provide direct contact information and an email notification 2-hours before the meeting.

We provide an updated company information report and itinerary as new meetings are confirmed. We also provide google map links for each day’s meetings which start and end at your hotel’s location. The company information report contains the following for each company: Company Name, Meeting Date and Time, Phone Number, Physical Address, Website, Year Established, Annual Sales, Number of Employees, Time Frame, Type of Project, Project Location, Job Creation, Details of Type of Business; as well as the Main Contact’s name, title, email address, and comments. The itinerary contains: Company Name, Meeting Date and Time, Main Contact’s name, title, and phone number, and company website.

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