Prospect Development Campaigns not only offer a proven, cost-effective tool for contacting key executives in companies which have expansion or relocation plans, they cast a broader net which enables TIP to contact national and international companies in your target industries.

Prospect development campaigns are great alternatives to trade missions by enabling specific industries to be targeted over multiple geographic locations. Target industries are not limited to just one geographic location and the requirements to invest time and money to travel to a specific location for meetings are eliminated.

We pre-qualify and arrange conference calls for those who are interested and meet the criterion of a qualified meeting. A qualified meeting is a company considering expansion or relocation within the next two years, willing to consider your region, and willing to speak with you.

We send calendar invites to all parties involved. The calendar invite will provide direct contact information for all parties and an email notification 30-minutes before the call. We can also provide a conference call-in number when needed.

We provide an updated company information report and itinerary as new calls are confirmed. The company information report contains the following for each company: Company Name, Conference Call Date and Time, Phone Number, Physical Address, Website, Year Established, Annual Sales, Number of Employees, Time Frame, Type of Project, Project Location, Job Creation, Details of Type of Business; as well as the Main Contact’s name, title, email address, and comments. The itinerary contains: Company Name, Conference Call Date and Time, Main Contact’s name, title, and phone number, and company website.

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