Our Process

We will utilize our Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy of direct mail, email newsletter, social media presence, telemarketing, and web presence to promote your region as a destination location for your target industries to obtain qualified leads.

We Produce Results: We truly go the extra mile to find those companies which actually have expansion or relocation plans. To accomplish this, we use our multi-channel marketing strategy to contact a targeted list of key executives, and follow up on interested replies as they are received to begin the vetting process to obtain qualified leads. A qualified lead is a company considering expansion or relocation within the next two years, willing to consider your region, and willing to speak with you.

Vetting:  We thoroughly vet each interested company to verify they:

  1. Meet your targeted industry criteria
  2. Plan to expand or relocate within the next 2 years
  3. Will consider your region as a possible location
  4. Provide details regarding expansion or relocation plans

Calendar Invites & Reports: As meetings are confirmed, calendar invites are sent to all parties which provide direct contact information and an email notification before the meeting. Additionally, as new meetings are confirmed, we provide an updated company information report and itinerary containing all confirmed meetings.

Assistance: We assign an associate to assist you during your meeting dates. This associate closely monitors the email account and incoming phone calls to notify you immediately of any requested changes for scheduled meetings or additional meetings requested.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

Most lead generation companies focus almost exclusively on telemarketing to generate leads. However, research has shown people respond to different marketing vehicles. One person may answer their direct line and be open to a phone conversation.  Another may respond to a direct mail letter they receive in their mailbox.  Another may check their emails often and would easily respond to an email newsletter.  Another may have their secretary filter their calls and emails, but will personally check their social media such as LinkedIn and respond to this type of vehicle.

Our process is to use each of these vehicles in the most effective way possible with our Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies.



Branding & Web Development

We work with you to develop the most appropriate branding and message to highlight the benefits of relocating or expanding to your area. We then create a presentation theme and graphic design which best communicate the targeted message and present your area as the best alternative for your target industries.

In order to have the greatest marketing impact, you need a custom website specifically geared toward each target market.  Because your existing website serves many purposes and is directed at various markets, we specifically design a responsive website using information from your existing website as well as promotional documents you provide to detail the reasons your region is an ideal location and is ideally suited for your target industry’s specific wants and needs. This website includes various pages relevant to the target industries, a contact form, email address, and toll-free number which are set up in your name, but monitored by TIP associates.

Direct Mail

Using the developed brand and message, we create a hand-written style, direct mail letter which provides precise information to demonstrate your area is ideally suited for your target industry’s specific wants and needs. This direct mail letter will personally address the key executive and encourage them to contact you to arrange a meeting by visiting the website, sending an email, or calling the toll-free number which are setup in your name, but monitored by TIP Associates.

Email Marketing

We deliver your message via email, directly to the computer or mobile device of up to four key executives in each target company. Statistics show that mobile devices account for 55% of internet usage in the United States and 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

TIP has successfully secured numerous qualified prospects through effective email marketing.

Social Media Presence

Using the developed brand and message, we will develop a social media presence on multiple platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube) to promote your area as a destination location for your target industries to arrange qualified meetings for you.

In today’s society, some people may ignore marketing vehicles such as direct mail, email and telemarketing, but focus strictly on their social media sites to stay connected to the outside world. We will use these sites to grab their attention and obtain meetings. Since this strategy is most effective when used as an ongoing process, this Social Media Presence strategy is used in conjunction with annual contracts only.



We have a team of U.S. based, English-speaking professionals which personally contact the key executives of companies in your target industries.  Our team personally follows up with those who have responded to the direct mail, email, or social media marketing to qualify and arrange meetings for you.

We also use our proprietary targeted list to perform outbound calls. The team of experienced professionals are trained for your specific project and given a script which contains specific details regarding your campaign. These callers persist until they are able to speak with the decision maker and pre-qualify the lead. All pre-qualified leads are then turned over to a senior executive for final qualification.

Each marketing vehicle allows the interested company to call the toll-free number which is set up in your name. These important, unqualified leads are handled by a highly experienced senior executive who has been completely trained in what your area has to offer and the specific types of companies you desire. This executive knows how to ask the right questions and determine if the company is truly a highly qualified lead before arranging the meeting.

Return on Investment

Multi-Channel Marketing, the most cost-effective way to reach your target audience, is designed to evoke an immediate response and compel prospects to take specific action – most importantly, the results are measurable. The extremely high cost and inability to effectively measure the success of traditional marketing campaigns are causing a budget exodus to Multi-Channel Marketing.