Contact Resource Management

Our proprietary CRM – Contact Resource Management system provides access to the following information throughout your project: multiple logins, map company locations, track interested companies, generate reports, create a plan of action, capture website leads, send emails, archive emails, create calendar events, and easily search Google for companies and contacts.


Contact Resource Management Features

  1. Multiple Login Control and Access:  The database contains an admin area in which the “master-admin” can add “sub-admin” users and grant access to the site. The master-admin will enter user names and passwords for each sub-admin and select the level of access allowed. For example, the master-admin may not wish to grant a sub-admin access to the mass email feature. The master-admin can choose to limit or allow access to any feature for the sub-admin.
  2. Mapping: When searching and filtering the companies in the database, the user will have the option to map the listings. When selected, the list will be displayed on a map with icons indicating where each company is located. This is a great way to visualize the list and gain an understanding of the geographic details of the various categories of companies listed.
  3. Tracking: We integrate a tracking system into the database which tracks the activity of each company. Each time a user updates information; the database will indicate what type of activity took place and store this information. The admin will then be able to generate reports on all activity for each company. For example, if a message was left or a follow-up email sent, the tracking system would log this activity. A report feature is integrated into the site which enables the admin to search by type of activity, as well as date range, to view all activity. Therefore, at the end of the week the admin could run a report showing all activity for all companies during that week, such as who contacted a company and its historical activity.
  4. Automatic Report Generator: This will enable the admin to easily and automatically generate reports within the database with specific criteria for each report. For example, the admin can simply click on a link and the system will generate a printable report of all companies who are in the negotiations stage along with the latest notes of activities for each company. Another example is being able to generate a report which shows all of the emails sent in the last month. The automatic report generated will also create a home page which will show the exact pipeline of companies in the database with a graphical interface pie chart. This color-coded pie chart will show the total amount of companies in the database and each status according to the percentage in the database. For example, the report will show the percentages of companies to be contacted, in the meeting stage, in the negotiation stage, in the closing stage, etc. This will enable a user of the system to easily view and print this report.
  5. Company Plan of Action: The system includes a field feature which enables the user to enter a brief summation of the plan of action for each company in the meeting or negotiation stage. For example, this plan of action information could then be included in a report on the top 20 priority companies along with a brief plan of action for closing the deal.
  6. Capture Leads from Website: The system is integrated with a contact page. When a business submits the contact form, they are automatically added to the database.
  7. Archive Email Activity: The program enables the user to send an email to each contact individually via the web interface. This feature enables the system to store the content of emails sent to each company and enables the admin user to easily view all emails sent to each contact.
  8. Calendar: The system will include a calendar which will show when meetings or specific activities are to take place; such as, “Finalize Negotiations”, “Send Proposal”, etc. This will enable users, with access rights, to easily view a calendar of the month or week to see all activity during the specified period of time.
  9. Google Search Integration: This feature will enable users to easily search Google for companies and contacts directly from the database. The user will simply click on the company or contact name and the system will automatically search Google for the company name. This will help users easily perform quick background research on companies from within the program.

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