Target Industry Prospects, an iGroupsonline Inc. company, is a marketing and market intelligence industry leader. During the past seventeen years, we have analyzed information from multiple industries based on responses we received from thousands of key executives in North American and International companies. Our experience enables us to know which industries are in expansion or relocation modes and from which geographical regions.

Our proprietary system comprises a database of key executives (CEO, COO, President, VP of Business Development, VP of Corporate Real Estate, etc.) in North American and International companies. Our dedicated team continuously maintains, expands, and updates this database, which includes companies in industries such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, biotechnology, call centers, class A office space, electronics, food processing and packaging, information technology, medical device manufacturing, renewable energy, and warehouse/distribution.

We will utilize our Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy of direct mail, email newsletter, social media presence, telemarketing, and web presence to promote your region as a destination location for your target industries to obtain qualified leads. We specialize in obtaining qualified leads for trade mission trips, prospect development conference calls, and trade show meetings; all of which can also be utilized to market and tenant your vacant business/industrial parks or facilities.

Our Mission

We at Target Industry Prospects are committed to being the best and most respected marketing and market intelligence company; serving our clients with the highest possible work ethic.

To accomplish this, we must provide excellent service and maintain optimal working relationships with our clients which will last for many years. Our history of successful working relationships, some for as long as 10 years, allows us to foster and continue to build new relationships.

Our Business Principles

We promise to be truthful, act with integrity, and do what is right in all areas of our business practices. We strive to maintain these fundamental principles in order to strengthen and grow our company. Each day we endeavor to be a company with which our clients will want to continue doing business throughout the years.

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